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Black Labelled

email me at [email protected] - I can help you out

A Facebook User

That sucks!

Karma Bennett

I'm not sure if they support Typepad, but you may want to look into BuddyPress. They provide free forums and other social-networky-features for blogs.

Karl-Heinz Meier

Put some rock songs with a couple von Dancefloor numbert together.

Here's the result:

I wanna give you Black Betty (6:31 min)

Instrumental: Nomad feat. Mc Mikee Freedom – (I wanna give you) devotion
Acapella: Ram Jam – Black Betty

Little bad girl livin’ on a prayer(4:14 min)

Instrumental: David Guetta – Little bad girl
Acapella: Bon Jovi – Livin’ on a prayer

Losing boten Anna(3:27 min)

Instrumental: Basshunter- Boten Anna
Acapella: R.E.M. – Losing my religion

In the shadows of Euphoria(2:59 min)

Instrumental: Loreen - Euphoria
Acapella: The Rasmus – In the shadows

Get all songs on one CD at
or listen to each single one on!

Silenced 247

Hi all,

Im quite digging this style of electro / bounce at the moment so here is a little bootleg to play out and share if you like it :)





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