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Great work Phil. I think this has become my DJ Le Clown favorite track. Merci!


thx Arturo !


fuckin sick yo... DJ Le Clown <3

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Meanwhile, Archy brings Johnny, the Wild Bunch, Mickey and Roman to Lenny's warehouse where Johnny begins to verbally provoke his crippled father. Lenny then shoots Johnny in the stomach before he can finish what he says. Lenny then orders Johnny, Roman and Mickey be brought downstairs and executed. He then angrily demands that the Wild Bunch tell him where Uri's money is. Handsome Bob then suddenly calls out to Archy and offers Archy the documents in his jacket pocket which reveals to Archie the rat, code named "Sidney Shaw", was Lenny all along. Lenny had arranged with the police to routinely throw many of his associates in prison for years at a time in order to secure his own freedom. One Two, Mumbles and even Archy are among the people Lenny has ratted on over the years. With the information brought to light, Archy, enraged beyond belief at Lenny's treachery, orders Lenny's men to free the Wild Bunch and oversees Lenny's painful execution.

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RocknRolla does absolutely nothing new. A quick list of things it shares with Lock Stock and Snatch would read thus: fast paced, witty dialogue; complex, interwoven plot threads; central McGuffin driving the mayhem (#1 antique shotguns, #2 huge diamond, #3 a lucky painting); smart, rapid editing; a mountain of Cockney crime stereotypes. Even things such as hard-as-nails Russian henchmen return. It completes the upward curve of scale in Ritchie's crime films: from a rigged card game to a rigged boxing circuit to rigged property development. The crime lords get larger in stature, the sums of money owed have more zeros on the end and the capers required to resolve the situation more grand, but it's still the same concept.

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I love rokenrolla and 90's

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Rocknrolla was a great movie. All start were showed there. Really great times.

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