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Adam K

Absolutely ridiculous. Fight the good fight, guys.


thats BS, copy rights my a## its money and fight for ur rights!

tim from Radio Clash

welcome! You've truly arrived, I got one of those from PRS in 2004.

Strange I didn't think the Pet Shop Boys were against mashups...odd. Maybe it's just PRS being bastards


In time the business model of anti-piracy associations will be reduced to a small independant transparent software program so that their parasite empire falls like what these associations claim to be taking care of the fall of parasite pirates.
Sites like are the new sites that are setting the new standard in an unstoppable way. Even when they get taken down a new one will rise since there is real money to be made with those sites, even in the possible short run.
In time sites like that will even have their own market with shares, when a similar site gets an established name like twitter or facebook. Then you can log into the free music site powered by ads and if desired buy and sell shares from for example metallica. The value is based on a mix of variables like playlist popularity, position in the popular charts and what not.
These anti-piracy associations know their end is a comin and are just trying to cash in on their last spasms.


Fuck off MCPS!
Greetz from Germany.



Pet Shop Boys hey? Copyrighted??

it's barely copyrighteous for fucksakes..

stupid faggots.


mark taylor

too bad i don't know where to get any anthrax... that fuckers address is at the top :)


WOW. I might just take tomatoes to the Pet Shop Boys concert in September now.


What a great dis-service this PRS has done to the Pet Shop Boys.

If I take a picture of a friend in an art gallery, with a Picasso on one side, and a Matisse on the other, am i committing copyright infringement?

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