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This is a great album. It kind of reminds me of the Reese’s Commercial where it all comes together with the kid telling the other kid in the commercial… “You’ve got chocolate in my peanut butter” Because you have melded the music together so well! Pure genius on your part with these tunes, and thank you for the great music.

Matthew Zuckerman

Not bad, but Dylan deconstructs and reconstructs his songs far more radically every night he goes on stage. As a game this may kill the time amusingly, but as far as the music goes, it's strictly a game.


Interesting effort. First impressions: The Man in Secret Plans is the best executed, I just listened to the original and it doesn't compare to this. Blowing in the Wind Pixies-style is also fun. And Tambourine/Barcelona works but is always on the edge of losing it. And just for sheer fun, the YYYs Y Control with Dylan's manic Freight Train Blues is sublime.


Mashup is new to me but can't resist BD so...most of the tracks seem confusing musically to me, with two exceptions: Knockin' on Ziggy's Door and Make it in the morning,both of which I'd call clever, or in DeLine's company, brilliant.


cool songs. liked some of them a good deal, especially the Man in Secret Plans. but i gotta admit, as a musician, it bothers me a little at moments when the two songs are playing chords that clearly don't match up. sometimes they can be playing different things that compliment each other, but other times it just doesn't fit.

it seems like with a little work in ableton or some program like that, you could take the moments where it doesn't work and just iron it out quickly. most mashups have this issue, except really intricate ones like the grey album.

for the most part it's really cool, and thanks for the effort. i'm a huge bob fan, and it's always cool to hear music you know well in a different context.


Thanks for the great post and the nice comments.

I don't pretend to produce a perfect blend (especially if you think there's no Bob Dylan acapella and I had to use tricks to hide the backing, which you can hear more or less depending on the tracks).

I agree it's only a game, I just try to do the best I can to be up to the name of Dylan and not spoil his songs.

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