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I knew I should have checked on here earlier: been trying to locate all my michael jackson rarities most of the day for a quick mix I was putting together when I could have just downloaded these 2 simple zip files. Damnit, oh well, not to worry.

I've just started my own blog site if anyone is intrested- plan to incorporate a whole selection of genres but decided to kick off with a special mix dedicated to the king of pop- contains a number of original tracks aswell as remixes/ edits couple of cover versions aswell as a number of mashups (a few not contained above.)
If your intrested then please drop by and please leave a comment- look forward to hearing from you.... someone.... anyone

respect- mondo

Sven Froeling

How did Viva La Beat It from Pheugoo not made it to the album?


thanks for putting this together. I download volume 1, the first file and it will not open for some reason either with winrar or 7zip. Anyone else have any problems?

Jason Funk Permanand

Yeah, I missed a couple for sure, I did the best I could with the time I had, I wanted to pump out the album before the weekend for the DJs. I had another one on the album that mysteriously disappeared too:

Jason Funk Permanand

A couple more:


I am streaming a show of this and other MJ material starting in right now. Go to for listen links and full info!


Disc 2 link currently unavailable


Actually both links seem to have problems. Sometimes it starts to download, but doesn't finish.

mashuptown poser

there seems to be a bit of a server issue. we are working on it. keep trying folks. peace.


I tracked a lot of these down, despite the file problems here, and weaved these, and others, into two long playing mix programs. These are my personal faves, but of course there's no accounting for taste.

If you want to download these programs on the podcast go here:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Files are around 90mb each.

Enjoy and thanks Mashuptown! Keep up the great work!

dj useo

Thanks for the great collection.
Some of my all-time faves in there.

James Blond

Yea now it's disk one that's not coming down completely... THANKS THOUGH for this great stuff, I hope you can resolve it!


I know its months ago now since this was posted but its ace well done.

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Michael Jackson is still a living legend and will remain so.

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