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DJ Coda Vethix

The first mashup isn't with "Somebody Told Me"... I think it's with "When You Were Young" also by the Killers

DJ Morgoth

Upsa, my mistake... ;-) Children! Don't drink and post blogs! ;-)

P.S. I edit the post!


Is it just my computer, or is the mp3 for "Somebody Told Me She's a Maniac" on the player all messed up? I feel like I'm listening to an old warped 35mm film back in grade school!!! :) I got the mashup from his website a while ago, it's good!

DJ Morgoth

Hey T.J.! For me everythings working fine here...mhm...does more people have the problem?

Viper Pilot

Track sounds okay from here.

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