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Thanks for blocking my comment. And most likely, I've got to thank you, too, for blocking every other comment that you received for this post. Knives cut both ways, after all.

Mike D

Booo-----Obama is lame. You couldn't pay me to download this lame song.

Captain Hi-Top



For Real Change Vote Chuck Baldwin!

Bryan Wright

I love how everyone assumes we all wanted Obama. Not everyone wants to have their hand held through life. I am glad that we finally got a black president. I wish I could say I agree with his policies.


So you wanted to make a buck and figured half of the country would want to download this crap. How did that pane out for you?
Just leave the politics out of music.

Chaka Nawe

Sorry all you douche-bag Republicans got you and your party's asses handed to you on a plate on November 4th. America finally woke up!

Still proud of Bush? Sarah Palin? KKKarl Rove?

Obama is the future. Go whine someplace else.

DJ Paul V.

Note to "Somebody"
No one made a buck - or a dime - with this Obama Megamix.

Nope, I made it for the love of my country, and the inspiration from Mr. Obama.

And Bryan, what "policies" are you opposed to? Not feeding the rich anymore?

I'm sorry to see so many cynical, bitter people here. The country voted with its conscience on November 4th. Clearly, some people still don't understand what that means.

Truly sad to see....


Well done America. You woke up. Lots of love to you all. M...


What a hateful post. I bet if I said, "you can put a teleprompter in front of an incompetent, naive fool, and he's still an incompetent, niave fool," you'd accuse me of being racist or something. Well, here we are, three months in and home sales continue to drop, unemployment continues to rise, and the country is broke. How's that "hope and change" working for you now? Sucker!


Germany has voted...

BorinĀ“ mix...

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