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davi waldergarten

The Arthur Russell (& isn't that from World of Echo? I can't find the credit for it) and the Beirut & Suicide (Beirut Suicide sounds like a rare thing, a speed-metal band with a political bent) just kind of play simultaneously...

OK... NOW it's only playing the gumboots stomp track with Russell and NOT the other two... Maybe my media player has a bug. Hold up, yo.

Nope, it comes it about the 4:10 mark. WTF?

OK, gots to turn that off...Oh, f&&k me. It's your myspace sample.

I take Russell's work fairly seriously - maybe moreso than Giorgio Moroder's, in some respects, given what they are known for and what else they were capable of. I don't really get the sense that you were...Is that Blonde Redhead sneaking in, or SigurRos?
That was really distracting - and only good in parts, seemingly by accident. Now I get it...
I used to play with found sounds plus prefab music when I worked in college radio, but this would have been asking a lot of my audience.


PS - I took up learning the cello after hearing Arthur Russell and Tom Cora (separately) on a friend's radio show.

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