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great job on getting that collection together and posted...

Apollo Zero

i guess there's hope for me to make it next year :)


Is it just me or is Divshare not working? Nothing I've clicked on for Divshare has worked for me tonight!!

DJ Le Clown

happy to be in! great compile
wish you ze best for 2008


Great bunch of music, but where is DJ Earworm's Promiscuous Lola?


Kia ora from NZ - Thanks for a wonderful year of mashups ... and that's a great sum-up of my favourites of 07.

DJ Morgoth

Happy New Year from me, too! ;-)


Can't win'em all, I suppose... ;-)

Happy new year, guys! /Cc

DJ Maxentropy

Was really hoping for more rock based mashups from you guys here at Mtown! Oh well- glad to see a few g'tunes on here. Cheers to a good year!

I want to see a Best of Year listing from a site that allows user voting for their top 10 mashups so to speak -- most voted for would make the best of listing.. (could be more than 10 of course). Now that would be cool.

Oh, and, I'm lazy, so the new cd is coming eventually. Stay tuned.

-DJ Maxentropy

DJ Morgoth

I think it's still kinda heavy rocky! ;-)

dj magnet

Looks like a great compilation - can't wait to listen!

Thanks for including my "Love Comes Running Up That Hill Quickly"!

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Oh well- glad to see a few g'tunes on here. Cheers to a good year!
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