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DJ Maxentropy

Cool! Welcome!!


Hey Congratulations Prof Q... best of luck :) :)

Nick Tardent

What a beauty! This pulls at the right heart strings and dancing strings. Madonna's vocal is rendered as more thoughtful and her thoughts lyrically tentative. Liberty X's vocal stabs really "work" the journey and the Tears for Fears musical bed beautifully links it all together. An inspired Mash!

VJ Brewski

Welcome Prof Q :)

Nice track Bobby!

DJ Maxentropy

Just listened to the track. Great pick.

Very well produced and executed like any Bobby Martini track!

Smooth as a baby's butt! And I especially dig this one with the instrumental synths really giving this that little bit of edge.

And that breakdown.. hell yes.

Bobby Martini

Thanks for the comments everyone - glad you like it.

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