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DJ Maxentropy

My pleasure. Was awesome meeting you and the rest of the mashup crew!

Next time your in the area, you know what to do..

The LP/Gabriel is a tad moody. Obviously I wasn't in the best of moods when I was mixing it. The one I'm finishing up actually at this moment was definitely inspired by BootieNYC.. =)

PS- Did you ever send that email to Aggro? hah!


Aggshun Jackson

Were you trying to seduce the photographer with that look, Art?

Too seXXXay.


will you be at BootieNYC III?
I'm gonna be on time for the next one :)

A to the RT

Andy- didn't want to air your dirty laundry to the aggro1 :)

Aggshun - don't know who that clown on the left is - probably just a big mashup fan I guess.

Lobster - no can do on the next bootienyc :( will be in the Northwest hopefully checking out some Seattle mash scene at Frankenboot.

Aggshun Jackson I even want to know what this email is all about?

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