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This just absolootly freakin KICKS AAAAAAAAASSSS!!!!! The Man in Black tells it, DJ Scmolli brings it, don't know who you are but I'm on your team now, bro.


so many mashups are good ideas, but poorly realised. this one is perfect

Wm. S.

Outstanding. This gave me chills. I'm a huge JC fan and this was just perfect. What a tribute. Well done!


Thanks for sending me from I am now spreading it among friends. Great job.


Heard this over at Radio the "cover art" as much as the mashup...!


Wow, I love it! I'm another loyal Radio Paradise listener and supporter. Kudos, DJ Schmolli, and thank you!


Heard this at RP and loved it! Excellent job DJ


A perfect mix, and a joy to the ears.

J. Hubb.

amazing mashup.

i wish there was a way i could download the mp3 tho...


This is amazing.


Also a Radio Paradise listener / supporter - great work, can't wait to hear more :)

Thanks for that lil paradigm shift :)


Amazing! I'm with Victor... any way to download this as an mp3?

mashuptown poser

Click on the song link to download the file folks.

"DJ Schmolli – Johnny Cash and His All Star Band singing Gods Gonna Cut you Down"

some guy in michigan

to add to the download instructions above...
right click on the link
'DJ Schmolli – Johnny Cash and His All Star Band singing Gods Gonna Cut you Down'
then select 'save link as'


Radio Paradise listeners love this - thanks for making a really enjoyable mash-up - don't see alot of them on RP and this one was a great pick from Bill to turn us onto them :)
great job!


My new favorite track! Absolutely sick!!!! You are the man DJ Schmolli!
So glad I heard this on RP. Can't wait to hear more
Yep - gave me chills too. When music does that, it's the BEST

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