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Phong Co

This is great! However, for some reason I can't add it to my iTunes. I can add other MP3 files, and I can play this one in Media Player 10, but for some reason iTunes just ignores it (doesn't import, no error message). Any clues?


Hmmm...I'm having the same problem. It won't download it off the rss feed either. Has apple sniffed out this specially produced track and rejected it. If others are having this problem let us know. I'm running itunes v.

Kutt & Paced

same problem here too.
so lame.
I'm going to pull it into audition, re-encode/save an mp3 from there and see if that does the trick.


It seems to be a ID3 problem... I changed it to ID3v1 and back to v3 and everything is fine. Dunno what is wrong, but that seemed to take care of the problem.



How do I do that exactly? Or can you send me the iTunes-friendly version?


Ok sports fans the track should move into iTunes now AOK. Download the track again. Thanks to Alex Edge who provided us with a track that iTunes is cool with now.

Josh Duhamel

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