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You write that Ez Kutz's new album is called "Wicked Kutz", but on Ez Kutz's site that you link to, it shows the cover of his new album and it appears to be called "Elementary". I couldn't find mention of the phase "Wicked Kutz" anywhere on the Ez Kutz site. So what's, uh, the deal?


Check out my page for another track called 'canto de bitch' off the 'wicked kutz' album.

remember that 'finally a wicked game' was a web exclusive for mashuptown, and isnt available else-where.

thx for listenin :)

DJ Useo

It's really fine.The two go together like bacon & eggs.


Thanks Dj Useo :)

Party Ben mentioned he will play this @ this friday. (woot!)

Simeon Courtie will also be playing this on his radio show this sunday!

Major thanks! to the fine folks @


hi ya'll doin?!

peep the new vid for the ol mash :p

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