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Aaaaargh. Nooooo! You can't.


What?! :(

Thank you for the ride, Art.

Mike Versteeg

Thanks for your work Art, my son and I enjoyed many of the mashups and indeed, some were way better than the original. Looking forward to your future plans!

Brandon Martus

Noooo! I love Mashuptown. So many awesome artist and their mashups were showcased here. I'll be sad to see it go.


Any recommendations as to where we should go for mash-up now that you won't be here to entertain and educate us?


Ah, seems that somebody got a cease and desist order.

FUCK THE RIAA! (that stands...even if the reason for the closing is different...)


Mashuptown was great!
I loved it all, especially 'Smells Like Booty"! You really were a home for great music.
I hope you find a way to rise from the dead.


You obviously have your reasons, with respect I bid you farewell and luck for the future - also the message: 'mashuptown ruled!'

ping me sometime...


Why? Tell us why !!!


Sorry you are closing your doors. Thanks for making mash-ups more accessible to everyone


I only found this site about a month ago... but Thanks for the entertainment.
Yes, I know that I have purchased more music because of this venue, as WELL AS having downloaded music from Kazaa in the past. It gave me access to music I NEVER would have known about unless I had sampled them from other P2Pers. And I PURCHASED a ton of music at stores and online, that I would have never purchased if it hadn't been for Kazaa. Of course, now the fear of being arrested and fined has got me off P2P, and it's saving me money, cuz I buy less music.
So, I would like to thank the government for shutting down these venues... cuz you're saving ME money.

MashupTown Rocks, Viva MashupTown


Noooooo!! Man, I've worried for the last week that something like this was going on, and now I find my fears are true! Very sad news, Art. I hope you and yours are ok. I'm sure I speak for others that if you change you're mind, I'll be ready and willing to tune in again!

Good luck to you.

A fan

It's a sad and dark day.


The people speak. Hang in there, stumpy.
There's a way around this...just a small re-tooling and it's golden ;)


Thanks, we have listened to them on the way to school for the last few months. The kids each have a favorite. sorry to see you go.


Oh no, l love this site and all it's mash-ups. Where am l gonna go now??? Thanks to all your hard work, this has been a wicked site!! And for the iTunes vouchers!!!

l stick my middle finger up at the RIAA or whoever caused this site to end! :)


So sorry to see you go. I thought your approach on promoting both artists was ingenious and this is a very sad day for artists and musicians and DJ's.

YOU ROCK! As "a fan" said above, hang in there and we look forward to seeing your stuff again soon just have to remove the "tools" at the RIAA.


Sad to see you go. I especially enjoyed those hourlong mixes.. as good as 2 Many DJs!

I hope one day we come to our senses about copyrights... wont hold my breath though.



Thanks for the great mash ups


Crappers, I just got caught up on my mashup podcasts... loved the results of you creative efforts, the mashups seriously rocked. Sorry to see you go...


Art, this was truly one of the best podcasts ever. I'm sorry to see you're going, but I'm sure you have good (possibly legal?) reasons to do so. I hope that your next venture is as kick-ass as this one. Good luck! You'll be sorely missed in the interweb.


It's kind of Ironic that I subscribed 2 days ago, isn't it...

Too bad, really... what I did get to hear was beyond awesome.


This is sad, when corporate bullies spread fear to people who share the wonderful experience that we called mashups.

Had been enjoying all your work since I discover them on DSC. Glad that I was along for the ride. Good luck, and hope to see u all soon in another form, whatever that is.


Sad news, thanks for all. Good luck!


I love the way you're all immediately assuming it's the Big Bad Bogeyman RIAA. How do y'all know there's not been some major crisis in his life or something like that? Dumbfucks.


I love the way you're all immediately assuming it's the Big Bad Bogeyman RIAA. How do y'all know there's not been some major crisis in his life or something like that? Dumbfucks.

Steve Ivy


Thanks for all the awesome tunes. My 'mashup' playlist gets more playtime than any of my others right now, including my beloved R.E.M. Thanks for your time and effort put into this new genre - you've launched a movement!

Hope there's more mashing-up in your future.




You did a fantastic job in putting together a fun, interesting website with a shitload of great content. Mashup artists (and listeners) found their way here because of the site's vibe.

Our favorite genre won't go away, but it's sad to see one of its promoters turning out the lights. Hope to see more of your work in the future.

- weave

Mike Harris

My thanks for some amazing downloads. We owe you a debt of thanks.

If it is a personal crisis or a personal choice causing the end of the site, I wish you the best of luck.

If it's the R.I.A.A., why would I not be surprised? Someone there really needs to understand the fable of the goose that laid golden eggs.


Bummer! Thanks for all the excellent mashups - like many others here say, it has introduced me to new artists I'd never have heard of otherwise. Fantastic. Hope we see you again soon.


Really enjoyed listening. Will miss you...

Matt Hite

You will be missed by all!

Matt Hite,
a mash-up artist in
San Francisco, CA


It makes me sick at heart that something as joyous as Mashuptown, and dedicated to spreading the joy brought by music, could be pushed into oblivion by the greedhead assholes that regulate and run the music business. There's a special circle in Hell for them.

I'd heard of mash-ups before, but only really experienced them after I started listening to those played on the DSC. Mash-ups are fun listening and very, very creative.

I subsequently dowloaded every mash-up I could find here at Mashuptown.

I agree with those who say mash-ups lead listeners back to the original recordings and lead to more catalog sales. A pox on the wrong-headed bean-counter knuckleheads who can't (won't?) see that.

Good Luck, Artie. You now have my email address, so stay in touch, if you'd like.

janko bosch

It has been great fun. I'll miss the briliant mashups. Thanks everyone and all the artists who made it possible for me to enjoy them. Wish you all the best.

Long live mashuptown.

Andrew Herron

man that sucks... I'll miss you :(


Well, we deserve to know WHY. I'm hurt. :(


Wow .... I can't say I'm not surprised. What with apple selling more music than anyone before...

But lets not let it die ...

Is there an archive of mashup town? Has it been wiki'd

I'd at least love an archive of the site (not just the mp3's ... I have a feeling most of us already know what to do about that ...

But hell .... 4 years from now when someone goes "What the hell is this bumpin' track" We'll know who ...

This is one of the best sources on the net for mashups ... It's just a shame


You have made my life a joy! *tear* send it undergroung. as adam says, eventually those record company jerks will learn that this isnt theft but free press.


Mashups are a fun, creative art-form. I've enjoyed listening to those posted to mashuptown.


Damn--the Web just lost one of last cool and interesting sites (IMHO)! Oh well, good luck to you and thank you so much for the awesome site! Your tremendous efforts were definitely appreciated!


I am so sorry to hear that you are no longer going to be around. I am sorry for dragging ass on those mixes you wanted. I hope that you are alright and that you can do something similar to this site as you did it really well and should continue in some form.

Take care Art...

Ted Ellis


Say it ain't so...Say it ain't so.

The mashups always made me smile and honestly right now I am listening to Bangers and Mash "Callin it Back", probably my all time favorite mashup.

I know that the demise isn't your fault (stupid RIAA) and when those same RIAA folks are burried that the site will come back.

Thanks for the ride though it was and well on my iPod, still is an E ticket


I am utterly shocked, gutted and almost... expected it really.
A pure class piece of work here, it will really be missed.

Anyone who wishes to continue exploring the mashes, why not try

Can we still buy caps?


Kickass site Art. Great mashups. Good luck with whatev comes next. If it was the RIAA, then yeh well, it's been said, but hell's too good for em.


MUT will be missed - Lets hope you come back!


if it was the riaa, isnt it a bit crazy that they're cutting off a revenue stream? i mean, a mash up by a well known artist with an unknown one, will only get more publicity for the unknown one - thus kicking off interest in that unknown artists website, releases etc - and thus causing , eventually more sales as people try to do their own take on the mashup.

this is nuts. totally and utterly nuts.


What a fuck!
I can´t belive it!
I hope you have a new idea for a new side!?
Much luck!


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