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Hair Bear

I first got that message about a week ago shortly after upgrading to iTunes 6 (coincidence?)

I'm still getting the podcasts coming through though :-)


Yeah, I tried this in iTunes a while ago, didn't work. Just go to advanced and then "subscribe to podcast". You don't have to give Apple your credit card number or anything!


I found MashupTown a few day ago and tried to subscribe via iTunes. As I am accessing from Denmark I didn't really take notice of the errormessage (Who knows where it tries to subscribe anyway?)
As mentioned, "subscribe to podcast" and the feedburner link will work just fine.

I hope that banishment from iTunes isn't the first step of a Lawyer Rush Attack?


Banishment just means Art's got enough pull to get noticed. Congratulations, bud!


I have not been able to find it on iTunes recently either. I actually thought I was doing something wrong so didn't make much of it. Just subscribed from the website by inputing the feed address into iTunes...


Thanks for the feedback you all. I was actually suprised they had us up on iTunes for as long as they did.


I had the same problem, but it went away after a while. I don't think they've pulled your feed down for any reason - its most likely a database issue. My guess is you'll be back on in a few days.

Ted Wood

Why would they remove this feed from the Podcast Directory at all? I'm getting the "not in the Music Store" error, as well (in Canada).

Next to DailySourceCode, this is my favorite feed, bar none! Thanks for all the great tunes!

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