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oooh - I'm chair dancing to this serving... keep 'em coming!

here's an idea for you - how about creating an avenue for people to suggest tunes for mashing? I've given it a go with my little music/garageband ability but would love the opportunity to lay the challenge down for those who fly on this...



Ya we've been talking about that for some time now. I'll discuss with Aggro1 and see if we can figure something out. Send me an email with your input or ideas. Great idea that could spawn more creativity for sure. Thanks, AW


I would man but can't find your email on this site - can you send me one and we'll go from there...


Agh! I hate hate hate you, Aggro! I've been wanting to make a mashup entitled "I Lost the Game", for ages, but I haven't been able to find all of the raw materials. Entirely different songs (Eminem's Lose Yourself, Queen's Play the Game, Morel Inc.'s Play the Game, Weird Al's Lost On Jeopardy, and Hate It or Love It (by The Game himself)). So, you win. And, needless to say, I just lost. :D


That would be a great mashup, neminem!

Candy Addict

Shouldn't that be "lose", not "loose"?


Francis Sawyer

Pretty cool mix. The one thing that mars it is the wretched compression on those cymbal hits. Man, that sounds terrible. Maybe the creator could recompress with higher quality settings in his encoder.

Good job though.


Refreshed link! Now with added beats!

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