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Um, was the song cut short? Track was only 2:18 and ended in the middle of a lyric. Anyways it was a pretty damn good mashup!


I liked it a lot, too! But I had the same problem Randall did -- it cut off in the middle of a verse. It'd be great if the rest of the song was found! This one is one I'd definitely listen to over and over.


Hey the file is complete now. Sorry about shortin' ya.


Ahh Yes, much better. I give this mashup an "A-". Excellent choice of songs and the Greenday vocals synched very well with the Eagles song. Only negative was that the Greenday vocals were a tad umm?... distorted? Warbly?.


Good match and vibe. Occasionally it has a key clash, and the extra vocals at the end seem to come out of nowhere, but overall a really good listen.


I Love the greenday vs eagles, that works out great! Too bad he had to mix in a few other songs, that really destroys a good mashup for me.

Aggro1 did a much better job on eagles vs kelly clarkson..


I really like this Classic tune mixed w/ a recent popular lyric. Very cool. Thanks.


any more eagles?


any more eagles?


This is disturbingly out of key (and tune?) at the start, it's not really a mashup in the middle and what the hell is up with the Beatles "A Day in the Life" at the end? I thought I had accidentally started another audio program. It doesn't work for me.

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