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Wow - I can't get enough of this song. It was in my head all day long after listening to DSC. Now that I have it on my PC though, it's definitely playing loud.

Great stuff, keep it up - please!


Amazing! This mix has got me hooked into the Mashup! Fantastic job. Please keep it up! And, I'll keep looking for them on every DSC podcast.


I love this one, too! But what's the fascination with AC/DC? They've been mashed-up and re-mashed-up and so on. "Freak shook me all night long," etc.
Not a criticism, just an observation. Keep mashin'.


What an awesome mashup!!! Has LB heard this? He should seriously consider releasing this as a remix.

"DJ Mashup"

Nice 1. Any other L>B acapellas u have??Email me if you _do_


please, I just want to here this mash agin it is gone wud up tha links stupid fucks. sorry just want to here it.....fuckers


Back up folks!

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