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Karl Elvis

God that's fucking *brilliant*.


Nice track! Seems to fit together really well!

BTW Apple software is reliable! The problem you have is using it with Windows!! ;)




Yet enjoyable.


mark parker

the problem is not windows just apple actually ;-) I had a little problem where I couldnt play any of the legal tunes I had brought through their program and despite repeated pleas for an answer got nowhere.

Eventually just through reading all the shite on their site sussed out how to do it, you are allowed to totally reset the program once a year and allowed to install it five times before none of your legal downloads don't work.

Their just a bunch of wankers at the end of the day and helpful as shit. Do like Itunes though

mark parker

Oh my god eminem does jazz my sister is going to fucking flip when she hears this (which is going to be soon) ;-)

Where do you get these ideas from, totally brilliant, wish I could do shit like this.

This ought to be charting it

Capt. Crazy Awesome

First, great song.

Second... Doesn't matter if you're using Windows or a Mac really, both are closed source proprietary product making companies, and they are rivals, and they don't collaborate very time to time one is going to have a negative effect on the other.

Mac's are based on Darwin Linux (with other unix variants mixed in), so, they are going to be mostly stable and secure by default. Apple of course makes a few buggy apps to run on them now and again.

I always love when Mac owners boast about their Macs and how great they are, then they rag on Linux, they don't even realize they are just using a highly customized version of Linux.

No operating system is perfect, they all have pros and cons, just make sure that when you pick one you read the fine print, because both Apple and Microsoft are out to make nothing but money (nothing wrong with that) but both are useless when it comes to customer service, and both set policies in place to squeeze more money out of you.

If you used an open player that requires no special software to load and unload songs, and used open source music file formats (ogg, flac etc.) then you wouldn't have to worry about this stuff.

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